Leave a comment and I'll gift you one of my novels or a subscription to my Wellness Ezine.

Leave a comment and I'll gift you one of my novels or a subscription to my Wellness Ezine.
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Monday, April 27, 2015

What Makes You Cry? What would Wordsworth say?

“Fill your paper with the
breathings o f your heart.”
~William Wordsworth

Whether you're a writer or a reader--or both, emotion is what you're going for. As a writer, most of the time you want to make people smile or laugh, or be scared, but sometimes everyone needs to cry. It's a great release of tension, cleans out your eye channels, and just feels good to let it all out.

What makes me cry?

Animals, especially moms with their pups (or whatever) or sibling animals. I have a picture of baby elephants holding onto each other's trunks and strolling along in front of watchful Mom.

Romance. I'm a sucker for a lot of those romances on the Hallmark Movie Channel. At the end, when the two lovers kiss after being through the wringer, I always sigh and wipe away a tear or two.

Ballet. When I lived in NYC, I used to go to the ballet with my roommate. I will forever be indebted to Susan. She was the one who introduced me to Lincoln Center. The beauty. The precision, The emotion of the dance. It's so beautiful, I have to cry at that.

Puppies. All kinds, but especially cockers (because we had one when I was a kid), Swedish Elkhounds (because one lived with us thirty years ago and I still miss her), Maltese, and Terriers, and mixed breeds with sad faces.

Old boyfriends. I wonder what would have been if....

Regrets about scenes with my parents. There are a few I'd like to rewrite. Writing gives me the chance to do that.

That's pretty much my list. For today. What about you? What makes you cry?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Free ARC of NOVA, a super sci fi thriller coming from DAW Books in June

Get your free ARC of NOVA, a super sci fi thriller by Margaret Fortune coming from DAW books in June. You can read an excerpt of the delicious story at http://michelle4laughs.blogspot.com/

So mosey on over to Michelle4laughs and sign up. Spread the word!

This cover is amazing! Dying to found out who/what the nova is...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Biting my Fingernails, waiting to see what happens with #Nestpitch and #Pitchslam

Of course, I'm in. Who could not be pulled into #Pitchslam and #Nestpitch on Twitter?

Of course, I'm not too sure who or what gets slammed in #Pitchslam, but I do know that the nest has to do with eggs and Easter.

The excitement is overwhelming. Geez, I'm so excited, I typed in @Pitchslam the first time.

Anyways...Hop over there and see!