Leave a comment and I'll gift you one of my novels or a subscription to my Wellness Ezine.

Leave a comment and I'll gift you one of my novels or a subscription to my Wellness Ezine.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Okay, I'm posting my query letter and first 250 words for my novel, MY SISTER'S DATING A SERIAL KILLER.

If you're a reader or writer, please put your critique below. I love honest feedback, so rip away.

If you're a writer, post your query on your blog and sign up over on Michelle4Writes.com. The more, the merrier.

Here goes:

Dear Ms. ,

My Sister’s Dating a Serial Killer (62,000 words) is a fast-paced YA mystery/thriller with magical realism.

Bad things can happen when nobody listens. Especially Cammie’s sister, who’s being a lovesick jerk and denying anything’s wrong with her boyfriend. Cammie’s been watching way too much CSI to buy that. She claims there’s evidence he’s burned down the pastor’s barn and experimented with small animals in his basement lab—two things associated with serial killers, according to Dr. Phil. Cammie’s cried wolf too many times about suspects who turned out to be innocent, so not another soul in Sleepy Valley SC believes the sixteen-year-old’s claim her sister’s boyfriend is a serial killer. Except maybe the police chief’s nephew who takes a shine to Cammie and wants to help, but Cammie’s not sure she can trust him.

Lucky she has her flaky Nana and a spirit who calls herself Flannery O’Connor, but they may be more interference than help.

Cammie could be right this time, but if she doesn’t hurry and get enough evidence to send her sister’s boyfriend to the slammer, both girls could end up in pieces in his basement lab.

Even though I live in the South now, like my heroine, I grew up in a small town—only mine was in northern Wisconsin. The University of South Florida's Palm Prints published one of my short stories, Riverwalk published another online. I also took first place in a Virginia Romance Writers contest and second place for a YA novel in a Florida State Writing Competition. 

Thank you for considering My Sister’s Dating a Serial Killer.


Chapter 1
Into the Deep
“Cameo! Don't jump,” Cort, my older sister, shouts to me from the woodsie Carolina path.
The sweet and succulent blackberries we’d been picking for Mom’s pie still melting in my mouth, I straighten from my diving position, yank off my sweaty T-shirt and hang it on a shrub. For dramatic effect, I step out of my cutoffs like a striper and pull up my one-piece swimsuit, which has lost some of the elasticity around the strapless top.
It’s Cort who needs protecting, not me. I kick off my flip-flops and the warm sand prickle my toes.
When I can’t come up with a way to tell her the truth about her new boyfriend, I plunge deep into the channel.
A luscious wetness covers me until something large swims in my direction. It’s impossible to see what’s hiding in the pitch black underwater. A knot grabs hold of my gut and twists to warn me. Whatever is down here is evil.
Before I can swing into a fast breast stroke in the other direction, something below my feet sends chills up my body. A rough current tumbles me along the river bottom into a sunken tree.
Something large bumps into my leg.  
I jolt back.
Which way to find Cort? My inner compass is off course.
Adrenaline rushes through my body and I battle up from the muddy bottom.
Something grabs my legs from behind.
Not a fish.
Not an alligator.
Those were hands.